“With each of these pieces, Sarah is addressing a tough subject but is letting herself enjoy the process of finding her voice. She’s also involving others in her process – John and other military wives and families.”

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“A recent MFA graduate of American University, Dale’s art is focused around the caregiver role that family members — in particular spouses — play when soldiers return from war and become veterans.”

photo credit: Beth Mann

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The Opposite of War

“Many artists start from a more formal, detached place,” said Luis Silva, associate professor of art. “But Sarah begins at the place that interests her the most: community and voice.”

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Sarah Dale John Dale

Marriage Meets PTSD
Relationship Rewire

“John came home from the war in Iraq with PTSD. His wife, Sarah, began showing signs of Secondary PTSD. At one point they were both suicidal but are now helping other couples with similar issues.”

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“It’s a story worth telling and I thought other people could benefit from hearing his story and learning about some of the ways he has recovered from combat and what he does at Reboot Combat Recovery.”

photo credit: Andrews Gazette

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sarah dale balanced living

Integrating Life Balance Your Way
Balanced Living For Busy Professionals

“For me it’s a practice of constantly figuring out… [how] to put on my own oxygen mask first.”

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Media Bio

Sarah Dale is an artist, filmmaker and advocate for military families and veteran caregivers like herself. Sarah specializes in using her creative skills to continue her journey of healing from secondary post-traumatic stress and help other military families find healing as well through projects such as: When War Comes Home, Flowers From the VA and more. Her advocacy work has led to her collaboration with organizations such as Hope for the Warriors, Blue Star Families and REBOOT Combat Recovery. When not making art and films, Sarah is an actor and entrepreneur.

Photos for press/media use

Photos by Erin Donner and Beth Mann.

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