Thank You For Your Service



Thank You For Your Service

Thank You For Your Service
Materials: American flag, wood and glass display case, engraved plaque, two service coins, bulging discs and arthritis in neck and lower back, pinched nerves and loss of feeling in left arm, adhesion in left calf muscle, twice surgically repaired torn labrum and arthritis in right hip, damaged meniscus and frequently swollen left knee, muscle tightness and chronic pain in neck, back and hips, headaches, loss of identity, post-traumatic stress (difficulty concentrating, hyper-alertness, hyper-active senses, difficulty sleeping, nightmares, depression, anxiety, nervousness, fear of crowded and/or public places, panic attacks, anger, alcohol abuse, over-working, difficulty resting, difficulty with social interactions, controlling/manipulative behavior), wife’s secondary post-traumatic stress (difficulty sleeping, depression, anxiety, nervousness, fear of crowded and/or public places, panic attacks, anger, alcohol abuse, over-working, difficulty resting, difficulty with social interactions, controlling/manipulative behavior, headaches, migraines)
12 x 20 x 4 inches


Exhibition history:

Truth 2 Power 4, Pleiades Gallery, Durham, NC, curated by Wesley Hogan

62nd Annual Juried Exhibition, Durham Art Guild, Durham, NC, curated by Jennifer Sudul Edwards